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NSA B10 Renovation of Security Area

Federal Construction Group, Inc. is tasked to remove all furniture/chairs throughout security area and place in a temporary holding area during renovation and be placed back into existing location when project is complete. Security personnel will provide space allowed for all furniture.
Government Personal Lockers in the kitchen area shall be demo and replaced with 28 qty total RHINOSR-3 Triple Tier Locker 24”W x 24”D x 74”H (3 door) to match the color scheme.
Contractor may choose from another vendor or manufacturer as long as it’s equal to or better than the provided submittal from the customer.

 Any pictures/signage that has been removed prior to the site visit will not be reinstalled. These anchors/holes will be removed/filled in and sanded back to a level 4 finish. Any signs/pictures that are still up will be hung back up after walls have been primed/painted by the contractor.

 Demo approximately 3,737 square feet all carpet/vct flooring and base cove throughout security area and prep floors accordingly to manufactures recommendations to install a 3 part epoxy flooring system (full rejection system) to exclude epoxy base cove. All base will have new 4” vinyl base cove installed throughout entire areas where flooring is being executed in this contract. Example of this floor ‘type’ is at the CAC office located at Bldg. 121 Cafeteria on the south end of the facility. Prepare concrete surfaces to install epoxy coat in accordance to manufactures instructions by removing all unknown contaminants by grinding surface to a medium grade sandpaper texture and remove all dirt, dust after prep has been complete prior to application of epoxy. Fill all cracks, joints, spalls and other depressions in existing concrete flooring to a compatible floor surface material. Large
holes and cavities are to be filled with manufactures recommended fillers, but contractor shall not be responsible to have all flooring to a perfect levelness. Materials used in the flooring system shall be the products of a single manufacturer equal to or better
than, MFR: TNEMEC.

 Replace all ceiling tiles w/fire retardant tiles matching the locker room tiles as close as possible. Replace grid/tiles in Mark Zehnder (office #2) using 2×2 layout and new lights same approximate location. Any other damaged grid found will need to be replaced prior to new tiles being installed.

 Replace all Ceiling Supply Diffusers – Provide 24” x 24” square three cone style ceiling diffusers for use in a lay-in ceiling. Verify all duct connection. Provide optional opposed blade damper and R-6 molded insulation blanket on back of diffuser. Design basis is Titus TMS Border Type 3 (Lay-In) Full Face with IB molded insulation blanket and Model AG-75 Opposed Blade Damper.

 Replace all Ceiling Return Grille – Provide 24” x 24” white aluminum egg crate return grille with insulated back. The return grille assembly shall be suitable for installation in a lay-in ceiling. The aluminum core shall be ½” x ½” x ½”. Design basis is Hart & Cooley RE5TI Grid Core T-Bar Return Grille.
 Demo can lighting and all associated circuitry back to source in Heather Hunters office #11. Patch drywall/replace tiles. All 20 amp receptacles that are brown in color shall be changed out to Ivory 20 Amp, 125 Volt, NEMA 5-20R, 2P, 3W, Duplex Receptacle Ivory in color w/stainless steel face plate.

 All light switches that are brown shall be changed out to commercial grade 20amp 120/277V switch Ivory in color to accommodate each use – single pole/3-way/4-way switch w/stainless steel face plate.

 Demo/Replace all existing emergency light fixtures (bug eyes) throughout the area to be replaced with RAB Lighting LED Part # EZPAN2X2-40N/D10-E & EZPAN2X4-50N/D10-E drop-in fixtures LED 90 minute back-up be designed to have a 90 minute rating for emergency backup power during power loss to accommodate having 1’ foot candles throughout this area 1’ off the floor. Emergency lighting shall be wired hot at all times separate from normal feed in the new lighting fixtures. All emergency fixtures shall be labeled on the actual fixture for reference for future maintenance purposes. Contractor may use existing power from bug eye fixtures.

 Replace all drop-in fixtures, light for light of existing locations using; RAB Lighting LED Part # EZPAN2X2-40N/D10 & EZPAN2X4-50N/D10 120/277 volt 4,000K or equivalent too this brand/type of fixture.

 Demo overhead restroom fixtures above sink and add 2 additional specified 2×4 drop in fixtures; 1 per restroom for additional lighting. There are (2qty) 2’x2’ drop-in fixtures & (60qty) 2’x4’ drop-in fixtures Note* from these quantiles that some will be emergency lighting fixtures that will provide required lighting during power outage.

 Demo all coax cabling and junction boxes. Patch all holes/paint after demo is complete.

 Patch any holes of block walls and have all drywall to a level 4 finish prior to painting. Contractor shall provide 1 coat of primer and 2 coats of finish paint ‘type’ eggshell finished paint using a high quality latex paint to all walls of this contract. Contractor shall use any method of painting; spray, roll, brush, etc. Color scheme will be provided after award by the pre award manager/architect.

 13qty interior doors/frames shall be prepped, sanded and painted matching the new wall color. Paint both sides with a w/1 coat primer and 2 coats finish paint. There are 16qty wood doors that do not need to be painted, just paint frames only. The entry doors will be primed/painted interior only same color as walls.

 Demo and replace 3qty total exterior entrance doors/frames; (1qty) North West, (1qty) South West, (1qty) South East Entrances of security office area. Replace with new door(s)/frame(s) to match existing in kind and configuration w/glass and all associated hardware, weather seals, thresholds,
insulation, etc. Prime and paint RAL 8014 or match existing of the exterior side & match new wall color of the interior side accordingly.

 Demo existing 8’ cabinetry in kitchen area and install new hardwood cabinetry 10’ long to standard depth/height w/solid color laminated countertops, include back splash, finished sides, self-closing drawers, handles, a new single stainless steel sink, trap & new flex lines. Install new Delta Item # 297247 Model # 21902LF-SS faucet and spray nozzle, stainless steel finish or equal to or better. Install new hardwood 10’ top cabinetry; standard depth/height to equal 10’ total length to be installed to align with bottom cabinetry for storage space include finished sides, self-closing doors, handles.

 Provide bottom cabinetry 10’ long w/solid color laminated countertops in office #to be installed

 The Armory Room is excluded of all work; flooring/base cove/painting/electrical work but requires the exterior door/frame still to be primed/finish painted as stated.

Men and Women Restrooms
 Water closet/floor mounted toilets shall all be demo and replaced in each restroom with new floor mounted toilets w/automatic flush mechanisms.

 The existing men urinal will be left as is but shall have a new automatic flush mechanism installed.

 Partitions and counter tops of both restrooms shall be demo and replaced with new solid plastic/solid color to same layout as existing. Sinks shall be demo and replaced with new solid color w/new automatic hands free faucets & temperature mixing valve. Insulate piping below for cosmetics.

 Replace all grab bars with new stainless steel to be installed back to existing locations of each restroom.

 Install new mirrors trimmed in stainless finish over both restroom countertops to accommodate the width accordingly.

 Install toilet tissue dispenser equivalent to or better than Tork model 56TR twin jumbo tissue roll dispenser.

 Install paper towel dispenser equivalent to or better than Tork model 87T push bar-operated auto transfer roll towel dispenser at lavatory.

 Install hand soap dispenser equivalent to or better than GOJO model FMX-12

 Ensure exhaust system is working adequately prior to completion of project.  System as of now is not working efficiently. This is an unknown at this time to provide to the contractor.

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