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Optimization of HVAC System at Bldg. 5160

Building 5160 was constructed around 1990 and currently serves as the 502 Logistics Readiness Squadron Headquarter for all Joint Base San Antonio (JBSA). Building 5160 is approximately 153,000 SF and currently houses three (3) main types of functions: i. administrative, ii. mercantile, and iii. warehouse. The administrative function occupies approximately 22,500 SF, the mercantile function occupies approximately 7,300 SF, and the warehouse function occupies approximately 112,500 SF. The remaining areas are occupied by miscellaneous spaces (e.g. mechanical rooms, stairwell, restrooms, etc.).

FedCon/South Bay Joint Venture is tasked to provide temporary swing space for the occupants of building 5008 for the duration of the construction period. Prior to commencing construction, contractor shall provide and install temporary swing space to allow the occupants of building 5160 to vacate their building. Contractor shall provide a layout and basic site plan, construction type and basic architectural, electrical and floor plan details of the modular office space to be provided. The shall provide and install the necessary office furniture (systems, loose etc.). The office space must be set up utilizing a modular furniture system (proposed layout to be submitted by contractor), miscellaneous furniture, equipment, accessories, lighting, and communications which shall be incorporated into a complete (cubical only layout, with no provision for individual offices or rooms) office floor plan. The modular unit shall be provided and   maintained for the entire duration of the construction period. Prior to commencing work, contractor shall provide and install the temporary modular office space/trailer in the immediate vicinity of building 5160 to accommodate approximately 20 government employees during the construction period. The unit shall be equipped with HVAC, lighting, com, furniture and basic finishes. Provide all work necessary including but not limited to, transport, setting, installing, leveling creating approach(es) etc., to make the unit fully functional and ready for instantaneous government use. The Contractor is responsible to provide complete facility maintenance of the structure, mechanical (i.e. filters, cleaning, servicing) , office systems furniture, electrical (i.e. trouble shooting, failed receptacles, lighting and bulbs, failed breakers) and that portion of the COM the Contractor installs throughout the duration of the construction period until all work for building 5160 is approved and accepted by the government. The aforementioned examples are not in any way to be construed as all inclusive.

The overall Scope of Work (SOW) is to demolish all existing chill, dx and outdated Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) equipment from building 5160 and replace with new efficient and reliable Chill water HVAC system, demolishing and replacing damaged ceiling tiles and grid system, replacing all supply and return diffusers, demolishing limited ductwork and cleaning all remaining supply and return ductwork, as well as replacing one (1) of the outdated CRAC unit with a new unit and providing that heat and cooling necessary for the dehumidification and minor temperature control of the vaulted storage room in Zone-1/Zone-2. The desired result is that all office, ancillary, enclosed, nonopen bay, and non-modular structure spaces within this facility shall be conditioned. The existing infrared heaters and the Big Ass Fans serving the warehouse space will remain in place however; the fans must be interlocked with the fire alarm system to shut down in case of alarm. The contractor shall be responsible for developing all design documents (i.e. Design Analysis, Plans, and Specifications) to accomplish the provisions of this SOW.

Responsible for preparing, filing, testing, and paying for any fees necessary to obtain all necessary permits to meet the provisions of this SOW. All testing and/or permitting fees shall be included as part of the base bid. Modify the existing fire suppression system and components within the delivery order area as necessary to insure 100% leak proof coverage of final lay-out.

Design and installation shall be completed in strict compliance with the most current versions of NFPA Code, to include NFPA 10 and 13 and with the United States Unified facilities Criteria (UFC) 3-600-01 and component manufacturer’s instructions.


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