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Federal Construction Group, Inc. is tasked to provide all labor, material, equipment, and supervision to complete all work described in this statement of work. Although this document attempts to identify all significant features of work to be accomplished in the performance of this task order, it should not be considered absolutely inclusive of all minor tasks required for completion of the major work described herein.  Contractor shall prepare quantities of 21 doors/frames, 11 blast doors, and 11
frames of louvers. Contractor shall prepare the frames of 5 garage doors by washing the chalked surfaces, removing flaking and use manufacturer’s recommendations for approved paints.  Contractor shall spot prime any areas that have visible rust and apply 2 coats of finish paint, equivalent to water base Acrolon 100 polyurethane, to all surfaces of doors and louvers. This only pertains to exterior portion of these doors and frames.  Color scheme shall match existing gutters and downspouts as closely as possible (dark blue).

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