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Paint Exterior of Bldg.  00001

Federal Construction Group, Inc. is to repaint exterior of entire Building 00001, including West (main) and East (back) entrance walkways.   We will provide all labor, material, equipment, transportation and supervision necessary to perform the Scope of Work.

The West (main) or East (back) entrance shall not be closed to access at the same time. The tenant must be made aware of any closures a minimum of a week ahead of closure. Plan entrance closures after hours.  Building hours are 06:00-18:00.

Scope of Work includes:

Remove and reinstall existing building signs in same locations after painting.

Painting of West (main) entrance canopy includes the ceiling and interior walls.

Paint all previously painted surfaces, except as indicated. Paint all conduits that are on the building and overhang surfaces including those that are currently unpainted.

Do not paint loudspeakers, light fixtures.

Do not paint galvanized roof flashings and drip edges or standing metal seam roof on East (back) entrance.

Do not paint stair treads, risers of top surface of concrete stairs, with the exception of the East (back) entrance stairs of the building.

Remove existing metal stair tread prior to painting East (back) entrance stairs. Reinstall after painting.

All window screens shall be removed prior to painting. Reinstall after painting.

Building Paint shall be white with no tint.

1. Abate loose and flaking lead paint from exterior walls, underside of eaves, concrete fascias, window and

door frames, entire building including penthouses and flag pole. Remove paint so that mottling of building

exterior is minimized.

2. Paint entire exterior of building including but not limited to,

a. Walls, concrete and stucco walls

b. Underside of eaves

c. Fascias

d. Grills

e. Doors, including basement access doors

f. Flag pole

g. Sprinkler guards against building walls

h. Exterior side of doors and door frames (excluding glass entry doors)

i. Exterior side of window frames

j. Handrails (to be painted building color only)

k. Roof ladder

l. Incidental boxes/ equipment boxes

m. Window infill around window AC units

3. Remove and replace all with new exterior trash cans and cigarette butt c


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