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Phibcor 209 Interior Lighting Retrofit

Fed Con/South Bay Joint Venture is tasked to provide retrofit of the existing light fixtures in building 209 at NAB with new energy efficient light sources. We shall provide all planning, labor, transportation, materials, supplies, equipment, and supervision necessary to accomplish the task.

a) Mobilize equipment necessary for the project and set-up laydown area if needed. Provide materials, fixtures, and equipment that are standard products of a manufacturer regularly engaged in the manufacturing of the products. Deliver, store, and protect equipment, fixtures, and materials as required by the manufacturer. Deliver equipment, fixtures, and materials in manufacturer’s original, unopened, undamaged containers with identification labels intact.

b) Responsible for all demolition utilized on this project and for removal of all debris. Provide dust control/containment during demolition and construction. All construction debris generated in the course of this project shall be removed off base and disposed of in compliance with all local, state and federal codes and regulations.

c) It is our responsibility to field verify all existing conditions, measurements, and utilities for this project, and connect the new equipment and systems to the existing utilities and systems. Conduct detailed field investigation and interview the appropriate field personnel. Locate electrical panels and respective electrical circuits for lighting. As-built drawings and floor plans provided by the Government are for informational purposes only; conduct field investigation, verify the accuracy of the available as-built drawings and floor plans, and submit Contractor’s prepared drawings. Do not rely solely on the as-built drawings and floor plans provided by the Government. Prior to doing any demolition, excavation or trenching, locate and mark the existing utilities (including underground utilities). Responsibility to repair/replace any damaged utilities during the course of work.

d) All work shall comply with the latest edition in effect at the time of contract award of UFC 1-200-01 General Building Requirements, UFC 3-501-01 Electrical Engineering, UFC 3-520-01Interior Electrical Systems, UFC 3-530-01 Interior and Exterior Lighting and Controls, Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) Lighting Handbook Reference and Application, and NFPA 70. If there are discrepancies between any of these publications the more stringent shall apply. Electrical safety requirements applicable to the installation and operation of electrical systems are provided in UFC 3-560-01 and NFPA 70E. Follow UFC’s and Illuminating Engineering Society of North America (IESNA) Lighting Handbook Reference and Application criteria when selecting and installing light fixtures.

e) Drawings provided shall be stamped by a registered professional electrical engineer and shall be sufficiently complete to indicate all aspects of demolition, construction, and installation, including, but not limited to, demolition and construction details; photometric plans based on LM-79 test report; lighting plans indicating location and wiring for existing and new fixtures, switches, occupancy sensors, and daylight sensors; dimensions; installation details; elevations; hardware components and connections; applicable manufacturer’s instructions; etc. Demolition plans shall be separate and distinct from “new work” plans.

f)Follow and comply with the manufacturer’s written recommendations for all material used and all equipment installed in this project. Where the word “should” is used in the manufacturer’s written recommendations, substitute the word “shall”.

g)The advisory provisions of all codes, requirements, and standards shall be mandatory; substitute words such as “shall”, “must”, or “required” for words such as “should”, “may”, or “recommended,” wherever they appear. The results of these wording substitutions incorporate these code and standard statements as requirements. Reference to the “authority having “jurisdiction” shall be interpreted to mean “Contracting Officer”. Comply with the required and advisory portions of the current edition of the code and standard at the time of contract award.

h)Identify and obtain all permits required for this project and pay all fees associated with those permits.

i)Submit material, equipment, and fixtures lists for all material, equipment and fixtures planned for use to complete the job. Include at a minimum, the item’s description, quantity, manufacturer’s style or catalog numbers, and specification and drawing reference numbers. Manufacturer’s standard catalog data shall be highlighted to show material, size, options, etc.

j)Modify existing, and provide new conduit and wire as required by the new lighting system.

k)The existing decorative lights in the building lobby shall remain in place.

l)Direct replacement of existing light source with LED retrofit is allowed for CFL and incandescent sources (A-type light replacements with Edison bases)
m)Do not use LED retrofit lights sources or LED lighting modules that have been designed and constructed to be installed in existing HID or mercury vapor luminaire enclosures; instead, replace the whole fixture with new LED fixture and light source.

n)Linear LED lamp retrofits are allowed if meet the following criteria:
•Underwriters Laboratories (UL) 1598 Type A Certification. Type A is designed to operate with the existing fluorescent ballast and does not require mechanical or electrical changes to the fixture. Dual Mode Lamps (UL Type A/Type B) designed to operate off the existing fluorescent ballast and line voltage are not acceptable.
•Compatible with the existing ballast type. Do not bypass or remove the ballast of the existing luminaire.
•Be manufactured within one year of installation. Submit a manufacturer published production date.

•Frosted or diffuse optic with a minimum beam angle of 180 degrees.
•Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) of not greater than 4100K as stated on the manufacturer’s data sheet.
•Color Rendering Index (CRI) of not less than 80.
•Total current Harmonic Destruction (THD) less than or equal to 20% at both, full and 50% output.
•Power Factor (PF) greater than or equal to 0.9 at both, full and 50% output.
•Minimum efficacy of 100 lumens per watt.
•Lumen depreciation greater than or equal to L70 at 40,000 hours.
•Resulting system must produce light levels equivalent to the existing system or meet the lighting levels required in the current criteria.

o)Comply with, and provide submittals for interior lighting as required per UFGS 26 51 00.Provide the following test reports for the proposed new and retrofitted LED light fixtures: IESLM-79 (2008) Electrical and Photometric Measurements of Solid-State Lighting Products and IES LM-80 (2008) Measuring Lumen Maintenance of LED Light Sources. The test reports shall be done for both, new and retrofitted LED fixtures and light sources. Test report must include a picture of the fixture tested.

p) If an existing light fixture cannot be retrofitted in accordance with the criteria listed in this Statement of Work, UFCs, and UFGS, then the existing light fixture and light source shall be removed and new LED light fixture and source shall be provided.

q) Provide new LED Luminaire Useful Life Certificate issued by the manufacturer indicating the expected useful life of the luminaire directly correlated from IES LM-80 test data using procedures outlined in IES TM-21

r) Verify the voltage requirements of the light fixtures and ensure compatibility of the new LED light sources and fixtures with existing voltage. New light fixtures and LED light sources shall be selected by following IESNA recommendations for individual lighting applications, uniformity criteria for specific areas, and evaluating all Quality of the Visual Environment (QVE) criteria including illuminance, paying particular attention not to over light. Provide “Basis of LED source selection” analysis and report demonstrating compliance with IESNA criteria.

s) Provide new exterior LED fixtures and light sources equipped with built in dusk-to-dawn sensor switches and shall be rated for exterior use (waterproof). Mounting poles and brackets for exterior lights may be reused if found to be compatible with the new fixtures and if they do not void the UL certification of the new fixture.

t) All new LED light fixtures in stairwells shall be equipped with battery back-up and be controlled by occupancy sensor with Multilevel/Bi-level switching or dimming.

u) All existing lights controlled by dimmer switch shall be replaced with new dimmable LED light fixtures and/or light sources, along with a new dimmer switch.

v) If the existing lights with battery back-up cannot be retrofitted, they shall be replaced with new LED light fixtures and sources with battery back-up.

w) If the existing track light fixtures and canned/direct light fixtures cannot be retrofitted, they shall be replaced with new LED light fixtures and sources.

x) The existing decorative light fixtures in the stairwell shall be replaced with new decorative LED light fixtures selected by the building occupant.

y) The 3 (three) light fixtures located in the top floor of the stairwells (one light fixture in each stairwell) shall be replaced with fixtures with LED light sources that allow for light replacement using extension tools, instead of using ladders or scaffolding to access the lights. Provide 2 (two) extension tools to the building maintenance department.

z) Remove and discard all existing interior light switches (with exception to hallways) without motion sensor and replace them with new light switches with built in motion sensor. Existing timer switches will not be replaced.

aa) Provide new daylight sensors in all areas that receive daylight and indicate how they control new lighting system. Provide written instructions on how to set and adjust the sensor’s parameters.

bb)Be advised that building 209 is a high security building. Project phasing and close coordination with the FEAD Coronado office, Public Works Department and the building’s tenant regarding work schedule is mandatory.

cc) Patch, repair, and paint affected walls, tiles, and ceilings, finish to match existing. Provide new ceiling tiles if needed, matching existing.

dd) Provide complete operational testing of the new fixtures. Upon completion of the work, all installed fixtures shall be fully operational. Make necessary adjustments to insure that all fixtures are operating properly prior to acceptance.

ee) Provide written no-dollar-limit warranty on all materials, equipment and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of final acceptance. The warranty shall be against defects of materials and workmanship, excessive wear and deterioration, showing Government as warranty recipient.

ff) All new LED light fixtures shall carry manufacturer’s complete warranty for 10 (ten) years from the time of project completion. Retrofitted light fixtures and sources shall carry 5 (five) year unconditional warranty for material. Material warranty shall include replacement when more than 10% of LED sources are defective or non-starting, when the light output of the lamp drops below 70% of the initial lumens, or when there is a noticeable color shift.

gg) Submit samples of warranty language concurrently with Certificates for review and approval by the Contracting Officer.

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