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Poly Trauma Fire Sprinkler Suppression System

Federal Construction Group was a subcontractor on this contract and funished labor, supervision, services, materials, equipment, tools, scaffold, hoisting facilities, transportation, storage and all other things necessary to perform the installation of the fire sprinkler suppression system.  The fire protection system included the design of a 100% hydraulically calculated, automatic sprinkler system that included excavation and backfill, exterior pipe fittings and valves, alarm check valves and accessories, dry pipe valves and accessories, interior pipe valves and accessories, hangers, supports and sleeves, sprinkler heads and extra sprinkler head cabinet, fire annuciator panel, testing and flushing and accustical/firecaulking of all pipes.  We provided and installed all identification, tagging, stenciling and labeling as required, along with installing all access doors/panels required for access to valves and equipment.  We located, cut holes and set sleeves in concrete forms, masonry walls drywall and plaster walls as required as well as all floor and  wall sleeves, block-outs, and core-drilling.  Installed all in-wall blocking and reinforcements, installed all firesafing of penetrations through rates walls and partitions, tested all fire suppression systems, including air testing of systems before prescribed testing, disconnected and/or reworked existing plumbing systems, installed all vibration isolation, supports, and seismic bracing and provided temporary fire protection to maintain on-going operation of the existing VA Facility.

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