Provide AFFF to PM362 for Fire Scout HomeProvide AFFF to PM362 for Fire Scout

Provide AFFF to PM362 for Fire Scout

Fed Con/South Bay Joint Venture is tasked to:

1) Provide Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) / Low-level Foam Systems to the entire hangar floor – (See Part 3 D40 for requirements)
2) Modify fire alarm system per RFP Part-3 D40.
3) See RFP Part-3 D50 for all electrical work.
4) Provide trench (with traffic rated grates) outside hangar doors as required to collect foam following release of agent (foam) and provide system to collect and contain agent from trench. (**work on trench shall not proceed until grates are on site) Trench is only required on North side of building (runway side of hangar).

The MQ-8B Fire Scout Vertical Take-off and Landing Tactical Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (VTUAV) was developed to provide the US Navy with an organic Intelligence, Surveillance, And Reconnaissance (ISR) capability in support of Littoral Combat Ship (LCS) Operations. The successful incorporation of the MQ-8B into the Fleet requires extensive preparation to ensure the transition occurs as smoothly as possible. The AV will be maintained at Point Mugu with a Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) maintenance concept. Under this CLS concept, it is anticipated that up to 39 AV’s may be maintained at Point Mugu with eight AV’s in a maintenance cycle at any one time. All other AV’s will be deployed or stored in a preserved state.  This project provides Low-level Foam Systems to the entire hangar floor level – (May be side wall mounted AFFF discharge with provisions for containment OR may be ceiling or wall mounted Foam generators.) Either approach shall meet the discharge and coverage time and design code performance criteria.  Automatic and Manual detection, release, and controls for the low-level foam shall be provided.  Fire Alarm Notification of Occupants and emergency responders shall be provided.  Building-362, Fire Scout Hangar, is a two-story building, approximately 22,040 square feet and 33’-0” in height with two high bays in the center of the building. Two staircases at north and south ends of each wing serves as main vertical circulation to the building.

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