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Provide Back-Up Generator to Bldg. 20286

Fed Con/South Bay Joint Venture is tasked with the Installation of standby generator is necessary to ensure continuation of mission capabilities during any planned or unplanned outages of Fuel Farm (BLDG 20286) to provide essential support to our Naval Aviation combat readiness. The existing BLDG 20286 electrical service is 800A, 480/277V, 3-phase, 4-wire feed from a pad mounted 500KVA, 4.8KV – 480/277V transformer. The Fuel Farm is about 2,200 feet above sea level. Manual transfer was the as designed (existing) generator connection with Kirk Key interlock, see attached record drawings.

The Scope of Work of this project includes but not limited to:
Provide all labor, materials, tools, transportation, equipment, apparatus, permits, testing, commissioning, and supervision to ensure complete and operational product.
Prepare the application, for the Kern County Air Quality District, and submit it to the Contracting Officer. Responsible for the application and processing fees. Coordinate with the Public Works Environmental Management Department, Air Quality Office, via the Contracting Officer for the fees and who to make the check payable to. It should be noted that the generator shall not be installed until the final authority to construct has been received from the Kern County Air Quality District. The new generator shall have a certified engine.

Provide a minimum of 250KW, 480/277V, 3-phase, 4-wire, grounded, Diesel Fueled generator (including associated 72Hr sub-base tank, space heaters, mufflers,
weatherproof enclosures, concrete pads, conduits, conductors, security fence, canopy and other necessary devices) to provide standby power to fuel pumps and other building essential power and lighting systems. Design and construct that will meet all applicable current codes and requirements. Provide all necessary incidental components and devices to make a complete functional system.  Provide connection to existing building service entrance equipment. The point of connection is the manual transfer terminal box outside the building.

The new facility will enhance the nation’s combat readiness by providing the highest quality and services to the Naval Aviation community and to all the organizations that utilize Naval Air Weapons Station (NAWS) China Lake.


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