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Provide Backup Power, Main Gate Area

Federal Construction Group, Inc. is tasked to provide design, materials, labor and supervision for standby emergency power to main
• Provide Propane Fueled Generator to supply emergency standby 208V/120V-3Phase power adequate for the simultaneous operation of:
(1) Building 01487 (Pass & ID) and associated exterior lighting.
(2) Guard Shack and associated exterior lighting.
(3) Barricade system.
(4) Station sign, flag lighting, and other street / security lighting that is currently powered from the 225kVA transformer and required by UFC 4-022-01.
(5) 25% future growth (Traffic Lights, Enhanced Video Systems, etc.)

• Provide propane tank with capacity to provide operational power for 72 hours minimum.

• Provide all submittal requirements, testing support, fees, and paperwork required for the Kern County Air Quality District standby generator permit license. Note this activity will be coordinated and in concert with parallel permitting work needed to be filed by the NAWS Environmental Management Division. Be responsible to have the new generator legally permitted by the close of contract.

• Provide service entrance rated Automatic transfer switch with generator control system for auto-start, exercise start, block heater, engine hour meter, and auto diagnostics.

• Provide ATS service panel board(s) (non-NEC Article 700 emergency panel) with breakers as needed to protect the feeders and branch circuits that will be provided standby power.

• Demo abandoned meters and sockets. Resize and relocate AMI CT’s and PT connections/fusing to secondary compartment of existing 225kVA transformer to meter entire transformer load. Relocate AMI system as necessary. Rework existing main junction box wiring as required.

• Separate Building 01182 and Solar Panel feeder circuits from the new main ATS transformer feeder (these two circuits will not be connected to standby power).

• Provide conduits, wires, connections as needed to connect existing wedge barrier system to the ATS panel.

• Remove existing power (3) poles, pole mount transformer and (3) short spans of 4.8kv overhead wires.

• Transport removed transformers to nearby PW storage compound. Exact location will be provided by the FEAD construction Engineering Technician assigned to this project.

• Relocate and re-use existing system main disconnect switch that is currently located on the transformer/riser pole.

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