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Reconstruct Parade Ground and Parking Lot in 53 Area

Federal Construction Group did the removal and replacing of an existing asphalt area of parade ground 53 and the adjacent two parking lots.  The first step was to schedule the work with the affected facilities and establish a haul route for the disposal of demolition materials to 3 Mile Pit.  This was done with the coordination of base operations and complying with any base notification requirements.  We conducted the site surveys and prepared a traffic control plan.  We obtained any “as-builts” of all underground onsite electrical and both wet and dry mechanical plumbing before we demolished or excavated.  We conducted layout and sight surveys prior to the beginning of construction.  We pulverized approximately 6″ of existing A/C and stockpiled the material to be reutilized as base material.  We also demo and removed existing curb, gutters, side walks, car stops etc. which are to be replaced or eliminated.  After all the asphalt was removed we scarified the existing base materials and sub surface material to the depth of 12″ from existing A/C surface as required.  The materials were compacted to 95% with appropriate testing conducted.  We used the pulverized material as new structual base installing in two (2) 6″ lifts performing compaction testing after each lift and grading for drainage.  The total base material was 12″.  All existing man/hand  holes were adjusted to new finished level.  We imported and placed Class II Base Material for sub base of new PCC curbs approximately 6″ deep by 1′ wide.  The material was compacted and tested to 95% compaction.  We conducted any milling and/or adjustment as necessary to accommodate installation of new material.  Then we installed the A/C pavement in two lifts.  The first lift was 3″ in depth.  After the first lift, a tack coat was applied followed by  a 2″ finish course.  Asphalt testing was conducted throughout the installation process.  These operations were conducted at the main parade ground and the two parking lots areas.  The total area was approximately 123,000 square feet.  We formed for new concrete flat work (side walks and transitions) and installed steel rebar reinforcement.  Curbs were placed along the East and West sides of the parade ground and along the perimeter of the two parking lots with appropriate consideration for drainage requirements.  Parking stale, site stripping and mark outs were painted.  Then the traffic and pedestrian controls were removed.

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