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Renovate Randolph Golf Club Snack Bar

Federal Construction Group, Inc. has been tasked to furnish all necessary plant, labor and materials; and constructing, installing and performing all work shown and described in the contract documents, all of which are made a part thereof.  Character of Work and Mechanics: The work shall be executed in the best and most workmanlike manner by qualified, careful, and efficient mechanics skilled in the trade. The work shall be in strict accordance with the contract documents and standards of the industry. Only certified journeymen in respective trades, or apprentices under the direct supervision of certified journeymen, will be permitted to work within the electrical, plumbing or sheet metal areas of projects.  A current state or municipal tested and issued plumbing/gas/air conditioning and electrical license, will be recognized as certification upon approval by the Contracting Officer.

Project Location: Building 1300 at JBSA Randolph, Texas
1.1 Deconstruct wall from floor to ceiling between snack bar serving line and dining area.
1.2  Construct new wall floor to ceiling with service door entry approximately four feet from current location into dining room area.
1.3  Relocate water, electric and all service lines located in existing wall to new wall.
1.4  Wall finish shall be level V on the dining room side and match existing wall tile on kitchen side of the wall.
1.5  Remove existing rubber floor covering in snack bar area. Repair or replace broken or missing tiles.
1.6  Construct ramps at entrance and exit of serving line to eliminate tripping hazard.
1.7 Cover newly constructed ramps with floor tile matching existing serving line tile.
1.8 Relocate snack bar equipment approximately two feet toward newly constructed wall to include all utilities and drains associated with the equipment.
1.9  Remove and re-install new door and windows on golf course side of dining room to match existing.
1.10  Remove and install new suspended ceiling in kitchen with new lighting fixtures. New lighting fixtures and ceiling tiles shall have a finish appropriate for food preparation areas.

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