Repair a Single Roof Truss in Building 00500 HomeRepair a Single Roof Truss in Building 00500

Repair a Single Roof Truss in Building 00500

Federal Construction Group designed and constructed repairs to a broken roof truss and room finishes in building 00500.  The existing museum facility enhances the nation’s combat readiness by providing the highest quality and services to the Naval Aviation community and to all the organizations that utilize Naval Air Weapons Station China Lake.  This facility is used as the museum.  We had to integrate sustainable strategies and features into the design to minimize the energy consumption of the facility, conserve resources, minimize adverse effects to the environment and improve occupant productivity, health and comfort to reduce the total cost of ownership the project using a whole building, life-cycle approach.  As-built drawings showed the truss to be type T-4.  We had to remove the temporary truss shoring components and repair the broken roof truss and associated columns.  We removed and replaced the existing carpet within Room 109.  Removed the sound paneling on the walls and provided repairs to the wall finish.  We also removed multiple exisitng ceiling systems and associated lighting and electrical supply conduits/wiring and replaced with suspended acoustical ceiling system and associated lighting and mechanical systems.

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