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Repair Anechoic Chamber Fire System Bldg. 00005

Federal Construction Group, Inc. is tasked to do the demolition of wet and pre action sprinkler systems that currently protect the anechoic chamber in room 131 of building 00005. Sprinkler systems shall be replaced with complete clean agent system including Very Early Warning Smoke Detection (VEWSD) and new fire panel.  The anechoic chamber is used to test various pieces of equipment with radio frequencies (RF).  As an anechoic chamber, proper RF shielding is required. Any penetrations caused by
installation of new equipment or removal of old equipment must be adequately shielded to prevent RF leakage. Additionally, existing wet and dry pre-action sprinkler systems are located above suspended ceiling.

Existing Site Conditions
The anechoic chamber (referred to on drawings as rm 131-B) is comprised of three (3) separate rooms. The main room is the anechoic chamber where testing is done, the two (2) other rooms are on its perimeter and house computers and other testing equipment. The chamber is currently protected by twelve (12) telescoping sprinklers and uses a HSSD sampling from eight (8) ports to detect smoke and trigger pre-action valve. The two perimeter rooms are protected with wet pipe sprinklers and traditional smoke detectors, pull handles and strobes.  FENWAL Analaser-II HSSD and pre-action valve trim are connected to FENWAL 3210 analog incipient fire alarm pre-action release panel.


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