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Repair Arresting Gear Signs

Federal Construction Group replaced ten (10) existing arresting signs with new LED arresting signs and changed out the existing transformers with new ones.  We planned and coordinated all work in a manner that the down time and disruptions to the airfiedl occupants was minimal.  Outages were coordinated with the Contracting Officer with a minimum advance notification of fourteen (14) calendar days.  We also obtained an airfield license to work out on the airfield.  We removed ten (10) existing arresting signs, transformers, and all of the parts that goes with the signs and removed the ground wire and moved it aside to reinstall it later.  We removed the existing leg couplings, so they were flush or below the concrete.  On eight (8)  of the signs there was a 3/4″ PVC conduit that was used for the supply wires to the existing signs that went from the splice box up to one of the legs of the signs.  The two (2) sign on runway 7-25 were fed from the light base can cover with a cord and needed to be replaced when the new sign and transformer were installed.

We installed ten (10) new LED type arresting signs that met the requirement of NAVAIR 51-50AAA-2 section 004-10.  We installed new transformers that were compatible with the new signs, breakaway couplings, supply cables, connectors to the new signs and any other material needed to complete the installation.  We reattached the existing ground wire.  We reconnected the new transformers with new cables and connectors to the new signs and used the existing circuit and connectors to connect the new transformers and keep the transformers off the bottom of the box.

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