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Repair Asphalt at Building 1663

Federal Construction Group, Inc. repaired the asphalt at building 1663 by saw cut and removing approximately 144 square yards of concrete, five (5) 4’x10′ slabs in front of personnel doors, three (3) concrete driveways, two (2) 12’x20′, one (1) 12’x35′, and one (1) concrete slabe 10’x14′.  We removed and diposed of eight bollards and cross arms around two fire hydrants and removed fourteen 4′ high telephone posts along the fence line and set them aside for tenant disposal.  We pulverized approximately 27,380 square feet  of asphalt, to a depth of 10″ and removed approximately 3″ of excess material.  The site work consisted of grading and compacting the remaining pulverized base material and subbase testing.  Ensuring that the water runoff flows away from the building towards the dike at the fence line and to the north west corner of the lot, to a rip rap energy dissipater.  We formed and poured three (3) PCC driveways, overlayed compacted pulverized subbase with 4″ of asphalt, raised 3 valve cans to proper elevation and placed approximately 454 lineal feet of asphalt curb/dike.  Installed a 6’x6’x18″ deep filter fabric lined rip rap energy dissipater at the north west corner of asphalt lot, installed 12 protection posts around two (2) fire hydrants, striped 16 parallel parking stalls and striped two (2) 12’x14′ diagonal islands in front of two doors and one perimeter line from the south west corner of the building to the first open bay.


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