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Repair Boiler #5 Building 01016

Federal Construction Group repaired/plugged leaking boiler tubes in Boiler #5, Building 01016.  The gaskets on the boiler’s man-ways tested positive for asbestos (ACM) (Category II Non-friable).  If the gaskets were distrubed during the course of this task order, we were to follow the asbestos specifications in the basic contract.  The existing paint and primer on Boiler #5 also tested positive for Lead Base Paint (LBP).  If disturbed during construction, we were to follow the lead specification in the basic contract.  We located and repaired the leaking boiler tubes, disassembled, replaced the Boiler Refractory and reassembled the boiler as needed to repair the leaking tubes.  Upon completion, we tested all new welds in accordance with ASME BPVC (Boiler Pressure Vessel Code) and hydrostatically pressure tested the boiler.

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