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Repair Crane, Bldg. 15726

Federal Construction Group, Inc. is tasked to repair the casting pit gantry crane structure, Building 15726, located in the Saltwells (CLPL ) area,.

Prevent air born during removal of rust, corrosion and paints. Existing paint contains LBP.  Comply with PW Specifications Section 02 83 13.00 20 “LEAD IN CONSTRUCTION” requirements. All new coatings shall comply with Mojave Desert AQMD Rule 1113 (Architectural Coatings).


  1. Remove all rust, corrosions and all loose paints on crane structure, catwalk, and ladder per SSPC-SP10 Near-White Blast Cleaning. It is not necessary to remove paint from areas where the metal is not rusted or corroded or from areas where the paint is not loose. In areas where existing paint is firmly adhered to existing crane structure, leave it in place.
  2. Replace all structural connections bolt-nut-washer sets with A325 Type 1, high strength new lockable bolt-nut-washer sets.
  3. Repaint entire structure including catwalk and ladder with one (1) coat epoxy primer plus two (2) coats enamel paint. Color shall be painted similar to the crane at Building 15800.
  4. Repaint crane capacity letters.
  5. Provide stainless steel cable vertical ladder climbing device system on existing 50 feet long caged ladder. Comply with Department of the Navy Fall-Protection Guide for Ashore Facilities, subparagraph Ladder Climbing Device System all requirements.

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