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Repair D5 Pedestal Bldg. 15988

Federal Construction Group, Inc. is tasked to restore the grout on the D5 Pedestal located at the Radiographic Inspection Facility, BLDG 15988.


  1. Provide all labor, material, equipment, transportation and supervision necessary to perform the Scope of Work. Shall perform all work necessary to complete the contract in a satisfactory and acceptable manner and adhere to all applicable federal, state, and local codes and regulations.
  2. All material and equipment shall be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.
  3. Building #15988 is a secure location and will require advance notification for access inside this building.


  1. Demolish and remove the existing 1 cubic yard of grout that had been beneath the steel structure.
  2. Build a base beneath the steel structure using non-shrink grout, specifically compliant with ASTM C1107/C1107M, with no ASTM C827/C827M shrinkage. The total volume of the grout base will be approximately 1 cubic yard of grout. See attached hand drawing for dimensions of grouted base.
  3. Finish the grouted base with a ¾ inch chamfer, and make the grout appear smooth.

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