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Repair Damaged Culver in 11 Area

Federal Construction Group repaired the storm drain culver in 11 area by excavating the storm pipe and catch basins, covering spoils and installing silt fenceing.  The exposed pipe was removed and hauled off site.  The trench was shored and dressed, new pipe installed with bedding material and backfilled, compacted and tested.  We then needed to close one road and set up a detour providing traffic control personnel and signage to insure safety and traffic flow.  The closed road was saw cut and debris removed.  We excavated to culvert pipe, removed the pipe and installed new pipe with bedding.  The compaction was tested and then the trench was repaved using 8″ Class II Base and 6″ of A/C paving.  The other road then underwent the same process, closing one road at a time.  We installed the concrete work including wing walls, curbs and gutters and placed rip rap as necessary.

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