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Repair Drainage Issues Building 20279

FedCon/South Bay Joint Venture was tasked to correct the bleed off water from the chilled water and hot water automatic air vents, located on the tower roof of building 20279, from draining onto the building’s membrane roof causing staining and possible damage to the membrane.  Building 20279 is a secure facility and required advanced notification for access.  We replaced the existing chilled water and hot water automatic air vents with new heavy duty cast iron type automatic air vents.  We provided three new overflow tank type containers, one located at each air handler.  These containers were secured in a way that will not damage the existing roof membrane to insure that the tanks will withstand the high winds at this location without tipping over or blowing off the roof.  The new container was Outdoor/UV rated with a storage capacity between 10 to 20 gallons and had the capability to view liquid level from the outside of the container.  We also provided new piping from new air vents to new containers, fastening the new piping to insure that they will not come out of the containers.  Upon completion, we cleaned the rust stained areas of the rubber membrane roof by each air handler unit.

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