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Repair Electrical Target Systems at Range 409

Federal Construction Group is to repair the electrical target systems at range 409 to provide a more realistic training environment to support the warfighting skills of both Marine Corps and Joint Service Units operating in a live-fire range environment.  These repairs are necessary to provide electrical power for target equipment at Range 409A.  We are to procure, install and test the new electrical equipment and hardware in PC-1, 3, 4 and 5 including the electrical power panel enclosure along with the associated circuit breakers, step down transformer, enclosed circuit breaker, conductor, conduit, associated fittings and all appurtenant mounting hardware.  We are installing new distribution equipment and wiring new electrical power panel using existing branch circuit conductors and circuit loads. Providing printed panelboard schedule attached to and located inside door, providing lockable panelboard door and enclosed circuit breaker and coordinating transformer available fault current with manufacture or utility company and adjusting all circuit breaker AIC ratings accordingly.

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