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Repair Fire Alarm System Bldg. 02308

Fed Con/South Bay Joint Venture is tasked to bring the audible/visual in the individual rooms in building 02308 up to the latest NFPA 72 and UFC 3-600-01. To meet the ADA/ABA guidelines regarding visual devices in the assembly occupied rooms. Any furniture or items will need to be protected by covering them or move them out of the way by the contractor during the construction phase if they will be damaged in anyway.  Existing Site Conditions; building 02308 is a single story building that was built on July 1, 1952. The total square footage is 14,452 and the PRV is $5,210.14. Building 02308 is called Fleet and Family Support Center and consists of many rooms which serve different functions. Some of the functions are Red Cross/Navy Relief, educational services, family service center, administrative offices and NAWS legal services.

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