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Repair Fire Alarm System Building 20303

Federal Construction Group, Inc. is tasked to repair the Combination Fire Alarm/ Mass Notification System, replace 20% of the audible or audible/ visual devices and provide spare system parts, reprogram the Fire Alarm Control Panel and test the Combination System. New work shall comply with applicable criteria in NFPA 70, 72, UFGS 28-31-76.

The job is at a high security facility and will require an N on your badge. Contractor will be escorted at all times, no cell phones, no cameras and see attachments for other requirements.


  1. Change out the existing EVAX-100 amplifier in the existing Mass Notification Panel in building 20303 in the electrical room 112 with a new EVAX-100 and replace any blown fuses. The new EVAX-100 shall be set up the same as the existing one. The system shall have a complete test performed on it and all audible, visual and audible/ visual devices shall be tested. Assume for bidding purposes that 20% of the audible/visual devices are bad; all others shall be noted with room numbers and locations. If 20% of the devices do not need to be replaced, the remaining devices shall be turned over to the government as spare parts.
  2. Provide an extra amplifier EVAX-150(EVAX-150 includes an EVAX-100 & EVAX- 50E) for spare parts which will be left in room 112.
  3. Replace the batteries for the Mass Notification panel, Bosch Fire Alarm panel and for each of the 6 NAC panels. There is 1 each NAC panel per floor and some of them are located above the lay-in ceiling. See the attachment for the location of the panels and the size of the batteries. Batteries shall provide 60 minutes standby and 15 minutes of alarm duration.
  4. Reprogram the Bosch D7024 panel to be able to remove the remote annunciator panel located inside the Bosch D7024 panel. To reprogram the Bosch D7024 to remove the points (Bosch D7044) and module (Bosch 7053) that was for the trouble and alarm contacts for building 20279. These are located in the NAC panel (Bosch 7038) which is just to the right of the Bosch D7024 fire alarm panel located in room 112.
  5. The Bosch D7024 panel shall monitor the Mass Notification Panel for trouble/supervisory/alarm conditions. If the MNS system overrides an active fire alarm, a supervisory signal shall be sent to dispatch. Contractor can use any of the existing modules that still meet code.
  6. Provide AS-built drawings to incorporate any new/additional equipment installed as part of this contract.

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