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Repair Fire Alarm System in Building 20279

Federal Construction Group is to repair by replacement the existing building 20279 Main Fire Alarm Control Panel (MFACP), repair by replacement all MFACP smoke detectors, and existing fire alarm wiring and devices found to be defective, provide a new fire alarm  account for this new MFACP with the existing Navy dispatch system and test the new fire alarm and releasing panel and interfaces.  The existing MFACP is a Simplex model 4002, this panel also is a Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) releasing panel.  This facility also incorporates another existing releasing panel for CO2 and pre-action sprinkler.  We are to investigate if this panel has the expandability and capacity to also provide the AFFF releasing function currently performed by the Simplex 4002.  The buildings pre-action and CO2 release panel is a Notifier model 5000.


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