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Repair Floor and Wall, Bldg. 15760

Federal Construction Group, Inc. is tasked to repair existing broken and delaminated concrete floor and repair flaking paint at Building 15760, CLPL.


1. Room dimension: 20’ wide by 31’ long by 12’-6” high. Refer to Exhibit 2 for as-built drawings.

2. Existing equipment: Located at mid of room shall be remaining in place and shall be protected during construction period.

3. Existing Floor: Concrete floor with conductive painted surface. Concrete floor has a couple of holes and a few delaminated areas.

4. Existing Paint: Existing paint on wall, ceiling and equipment structure contains LBP. Flaking paints are scattered around the wall, ceiling, and equipment structure.

Repair Floor: Remove unsound concrete. Patch any holes and removed concrete with epoxy. Shotblast entire floor surface then clean up entire floor surface before apply conductive paint. Provide 2 coats water based conductive paint to entire floor. Each coat shall be 1.5 mil thick, total of 3 mil. Provide 2 coats urethane finish coating over dried conductive floor surface. Conductive and urethane materials can be same as or equivalent to the Building 15700 applied material. Preparation and installation of conductive materials shall be in accordance with conductive material manufacturer’s installationinstructions. Refer to Exhibits 3, and 4 for material used on Building 15700. Repair Paint: Scrap any flaking and unsound paint on wall, ceiling and equipment structure. Provide 1 prime plus 2 coats paint to removed paint areas. Color shall match existing. Comply with PW Specifications Section 02 83 13.00 20 “LEAD IN CONSTRUCTION” requirements. All coatings shall comply with Mojave Desert AQMD Rule 1113 (Architectural Coatings).



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