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Repair HVEC Building 11080

Federal Construction Group repaired by replacement the existing HVEC heating coil serving the Machine Shop building 11080 located in the CLPL area.  Building 11080 is listed on the California State Historical Preservation list and all exterior features were to remain except repair as required.  All materials used for replacement or repair of exterior were to be as “likeness” as the replaced material except noted.  Lead based paint had been identified in building 11080 as indicated in a survey report.  We provided new heating coils, new thermostat control, new ASME rated expansion tank, new hot water pump, new heating bypass motorized dampers and new piping, fittings, pressure and temperature gauges, strainers, traps, vents, balancing valves, isolation valves, piping supports etc. all compatible with existing thermostat controls.  We provided new insulation for all new piping.  Piping exposed to the exterior and weather included aluminum jacketing and weather tight seal.  Provided new ductwork, electrical, and control wiring to accommodate new heating soil system, leak tested the coil systems and upon completion of the project, operated the heating system for a period of four (4) hours to demonstrate compliance with the requirements of this contract.

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