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Repair L Retaining Waill Bldg. 31178

Federal Construction Group, Inc. will replace existing north retaining walls at C-2 test pad, Building 31178, Ground Range. Remove and reinstall existing metal steps and deck as required.  C-2 test pad of Building 31178 locates at Aircraft Survivability Site, Ground Range, approximately 8 miles northeast from Base Main Gate.


1. Replace C-2 test pad north cracked/damaged reinforced concrete retaining wall (19” High, 108’ Long, and

8” Thick) with same height, same length, and same thickness new reinforced retaining wall.

2. Remove existing steps and deck. Reinstall steps and deck after new retaining wall replaced.

3. Comply with Drawings IR 10-6489/C1 and IR 10-6490/C2 all requirements.

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