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Repair Overhead Slate Range Power Lines

Federal Construction Group, Inc. is tasked to provide shop drawings to repair the broken/down power pole. The existing pole (pole # 1776) is an in line 55’ wood pole in a 3 phase 34.5 KVA power line from Sea Site 3 up to the Slate Range facility which is approximately a 4 mile power line.  The down power pole is located approximately 1 mile from a drivable road. Re-grade the existing power line road as necessary to access the downed pole. The first section of road from the paved section to the power line access road shall not be graded or cleared. The only work allowed on this section of road will be to fill in the low points with soil obtained from the active wash located at the beginning of the dirt
road. The existing 55’ wood pole contains 6 each 34.5kva insulators, 3 each 34.5kv standoff insulators and 3 each shoes with a 2/0 aluminum overhead wire attached to each insulator. The wood pole also contains a fiber optic line and 2 guy wires which are broken. The guy wires for the fiber optic line will not be included in this contract.

Replace the guy wires for the overhead power line for the existing 55’ wood power poles, numbers 1766, 1770 and 1772. Add this as an extra line item. The guy wires for the existing fiber optic line will not be included.

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