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Repair Photovoltaic System Facility  NOS. 33056

Federal Construction Group, Inc. is tasked to provide all labor, material and equipment necessary to troubleshoot and investigate repetitive Photo Voltaic to generator synchronization issues at the Junction Ranch and Darwin EOD Photo Voltaic electrical supply sites. Both systems are going offline several times per month resulting in loss of power to these critical RDT&E and training areas. No ground disturbance will be required to accomplish work.

PROJECT DELIVERABLE: Provide a written recommendation (Findings Report) that may include deviations or value engineering alternatives to the Government’s original project scope that will provide better quality, maintainability, constructability and operability. At a minimum the Findings Report will include the
01) The repairs required to bring the system up to operational standards.
02) The options available to bring the system to 100%.
03) The future state of the system as currently maintained.
04) The current state of the system.
05) The repairs and results associated with the sub-contractors troubleshooting.
06) The sub-contractors troubleshooting methodology in chronological order.
07) Known historical events that apply to the system.

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