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Repair Roof and Other Interior Tasks Building 10420

Federal Construction Group, Inc. is removing and modifing the existing electrical conduits, grounding wiring, light boxes and mechanical vents on the roof of building 10420 for new roofing system.  Light boxes and mechanical vents contain lead based paint on the interior and exterior which need to be abated prior to application of new anti-rust paint.  We are removing the existing wood wafer board and interior plaster ceiling, removing the existing metal mechanical ducting, and providing 2×4 roof framing members at 16″ on center and framing existing lights and vents.  We are also providing pressure treated wood where the framing member is attached to concrete, 3″ thick rigid insulation between roof framing members, 3/4″ CDX plywood roof sheathing fastened to roof framing members and 1″ fiberboard roof insulation fastened to plywood roof sheathing.  Providing single ply roofing sytem and all associated flashing and fastening system over the magazine portion of the building, including the elevated concrete beams. Provide security protection coverings for eight light boxes, welding bars to steel frames securely anchored to the underside of the ceiling structure by smooth head bolts, the security protection coverings and grounding straps for three duct openings and finally paint the interior walls, both sides of door frame and door leaves with prime and two coats.

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