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Repair Roof Bldg. 20267

Federal Construction Group, Inc. is tasked to install a series of flashings on the north side of Building no. The approximate roof area to be affected is 3,668.5 SF or 407.6 SY (340.8 M2). Facility 20267 consists of two rigid steel frame buildings with metal siding and roofing. There is an original structure and an addition. The original structure has a gable roof that sheds water to the north and south. The addition has a single slope roof that sheds water to the north. Water from the north side of the original structure sheet flows onto the roof of the addition as the structures are directly adjacent. There is currently no flashing between the roof panels on the original structure and the roof panels on the addition. The roof leaks only in the addition. There is ample evidence of water damage to ceiling tiles and ceiling recessed lighting in the addition. Suspect water leakage in addition is due to inadequate overlap between the original structure roof panels and the addition roof panels. Due to change of pitch, water can dam due to different flow rates between roofs (i.e. water on higher roof moving at faster speed than water on lower roof) and move uphill and drain under the lower roof panels (due to lack of drip edge). Work will include the removal of the roof panels from both structures where adjacent to the construction joint, the installation of a change of pitch flashing with drip edge, the installation of a new ridge cap flashing, the installation of new eave flashings, the installation of new rake flashings and the reinstallation of the roof panels. The flashings will be installed in accordance with standard industry details. The Contractor will also remove and dispose of the ceiling tiles and fluorescent lighting with water damage and install new acoustical ceiling tiles and lighting.


2.1 Provide all labor, material, equipment, transportation and supervision necessary to perform the scope of work. Perform all work necessary to complete the Contract in a satisfactory and acceptable manner and adhere to all applicable federal, state and local codes and regulations.

2.2 Occupancy of Premises – Building will be occupied during performance of work under this Contract. Before work is started, arrange with the Contracting Officer a sequence of procedure, means of access, space for storage of materials and equipment, and use of approaches.

2.3 We will be working in an existing building which is occupied. Relocate movable furniture as required to perform the work, protect the furniture, and replace the furniture in its original locations upon completion of the work. Leave attached equipment in place and protect it against damage, or temporarily disconnect, relocate, protect, and reinstall it the completion of the work.


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