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Repair Sidewalk at Parade Field Bldg. 2484

FedCon/South Bay Joint Venture is to:

1. Install approximately 1520 square feet of unitary poured in place surfacing to include compacted base material and concrete slab on existing grade. Install 2 curbing (4 inches curb width x inside depth 3 inches x 5 feet 8 inches wide x 12 inches depth from top of curb to base) around sidewalk perimeter. Install two (2) each concrete Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) ramps. The contractor shall obtain a digging permit before excavating prior to work beginning from the Installation Civil Engineers.

2. Contractor shall provide and install all necessary components for deep design paver

3. Developing a plot plan that shows proper drainage. Grade soil to avoid water build-up on site, where conditions permit.

4. Contractor shall provide concrete sidewalk surfaces that show splice locations and splice lengths on the drawings. Standardize use of a few sizes of rebar, between bars that are of similar size.

5.Contractor shall provide designs and type materials used for compacted subgrade, sub-base and base course for concrete sidewalk for pavers on grade foundation.

6. Contractor shall comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act sidewalk.

7. Contractor shall provide ADA parking lot markings/signs as needed.

8. Compaction. Subgrade materials shall be compacted to the required density and moisture content as shown below, unless otherwise shown on the plans.

9. Shall place sod 4 feet to each side of the sidewalk.

10. Design subbase, base and sidewalk to account for considerable expansion and contraction of existing soils. The current design broke in several locations due to the constant movement of the earth and damage due to storm water flow.

11. The curb joints must line up with the sidewalk joints.


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