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Replace Bravo Pier Fire Pump

Fed Con/South Bay Joint Venture is tasked to provide design build, planning, construction, labor, transportation, material, supplies, equipment, and supervision necessary to replace the fire pump at Bravo Pier.

a.) Complete demolition of Salt water fire pumping system and distribution system in B-812 and on the pier/underneath the pier, to include all fire protection piping on/underneath the pier, one diesel driven engine and fire pump, two electric driven fire pumps and fire pump controllers and associated piping trim, jockey pump and equipment .

b.) Six (6) pedestal type manual fire alarm pull stations and associated wiring and the fire alarm control panel in B812 and associated wiring and equipment.

c.) Provide Fresh Water service from existing 12” diameter base water utility to provide shore based fire service and service to Bravo Pier– new underground distribution with new fire hydrants and sectional control valves.

d.) Provide Fresh Water service from existing 12” diameter base water utility to provide distribution on Pier with new corrosion resistant piping, supports, and service manifolds at the locations identical to existing (see picture description below).Piping supports and seismic bracing shall be stainless steel.

e.) Provide 8 inch looped ductile iron pipe similar to existing system and fire hydrant manifolds at a minimum 300 ft. apart except at each end of the pier (approx. 300 ft.) provide a 8 inch dry standpipe system with each FDC. Provide permanent means, equipment and suitable location preparations, for Fire Department apparatus (Pumper Truck) boost pressure back into the Pier dry standpipes.

f.) Provide 10 inch pipe connection to existing 12 inch water main (see picture below). Provide 8 inch connections to the pier looped system as shown.

g.) Provide 3 pedestal mounted manual pull stations at the entrance (one) and at the “t” location on the pier (two).

h.) Provide fire alarm panel with a digital alarm transmitter (DACT) capable of transmitting alarms to the region dispatch center (RDC).

i.) Provide a temporary water supply and fire department connection to the pier for fire protection during the construction period.

j.) Provide Back-flow preventer to avoid cross connection issues to potable water mains.

k.) Provide a standard fire department connection with Four 2-1/2 inch hose connections with associated check valves at the entry to the pier. This will help supplement fire fighter operations in the case of an emergency.

l.) Prior to the design of the system the contractor shall conduct a hydrant flow test on the domestic water system in the immediate vicinity of the pier. Existing fire hydrants are located near the entrance of the pier.

m.) All piping serving the hydrants shall be fixed under the pier similar to current existing conditions. Piping shall not be fixed to topside of pier surface.

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