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Replace Chiller Buildings 00452 and 00453

Federal Construction Group provided a new air cooled chiller to replace the existing chiller.  We replace the existing air cooled chiller with a like-in-kind unit of the same type, capacity, flow rates, and options as the existing air cooled chiller.  The new chiller had scroll type compressors, low ambient kit/low load functionality and digital display with user local interface capacity.  We provided new ball valves, and new piping and fittings as required to install the new chiller.  New pipe insulation was installed  for the new chilled water valves, piping and/or insulation damaged during the installation of the new chiller.  New pipe insulation and aluminum jacketing matched the size and type of the existing pipe insulation/jacketing was sealed.  We modified the existing equipment housekeeping pads to accommodate the new chiller and provided new liquid filled pressure gauges to match the existing ones.  New ball valves for each new pressure gauge were installed.  We reconnected the existing chilled water supply and return temperature sensors.  New electrical and controls conduit, fittings and wiring from electrical service disconnect to new chiller was installed.  Upon completion, the new chiller was operated for a period of 10 hours to demonstrate compliance with the requirements of this task order.

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