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Replace Concrete Pool Deck at Building 1315

Federal Construction Group replaced the concrete pool deck at building 1315 by removing the existing fence to allow equipment for the demoliton of the concrete deck and removed any fixed objects that were to remain for reinstallement.  We saw cut as needed and then demolished the existing deck.  We dressed the existing grade, formed as necessary for the deck and concrete curbs.  We install the rough-in trench drain materials and installed the concrete re-enforcing, preparing for placement of the concrete.  Placed the concrete and finished with a non-slip, non-skid surface on all concrete surfaces.  After the concrete was cured, we stripped all form and screed materials.  We installed the required irrigation for the sod areas and finish grade and prepped the soils for the new sod.  Then installed the new sod.  We installed the new vinyl fencing, rolling and pedestrian gates and finished by bringing all areas back to the its finished state.

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