Replace Cooling Towers and Evaporative Cooling Units in Building 02466 HomeReplace Cooling Towers and Evaporative Cooling Units in Building 02466

Replace Cooling Towers and Evaporative Cooling Units in Building 02466

Federal Construction Group is providing two (2) new stainless steel, top mounted axial fans(s), induced draft cooling towers to replace the existing cooling towers.  New towers are to be the same capacity as existing cooling towers.  New cooling tower will also have a maintenance platform and access ladder.  Fans on the new towers will have ball bearings with grease zerk fittings.  New cooling tower will also have electric basin heaters sized to maintain +40 degrees F basin water temperature at 0 degree F ambient temperature and 10 mph wind speed for freeze protection.  Basin heaters shall be electric immersion type controlled by a remote thermostat with the sensing bulb located in the basin water.  Basin heaters will be provided with factory-installed low water level cutout switch to prevent heater operation unless the heater element(s) are fully submerged.

The evaporative cooling unit will be demolished by draining all water supply lines and associated hangers that are not providing support for other piping or providing new hangers to support existing piping.  We will demolish the existing makeup air ductwork back to the vertical  louvers.  Cut and cap existing hot water supply and return lines.  One line back to the existing control valve and the other line back to the main line.  We will provide a new evaporative cooling unit on the roof of the mechanical room and connect to the existing ductwork inside the mechanical room.  The installation of the new cooling unit shall include, water and drain lines, electrical service disconnect/conduit/conductors, motor starter, circuit breaker, and equipment stand.  The new evaporative cooling unit shall be disconnected from the existing ALC DDC controls and operated on a stand alone thermostat/function selector type control.  The existing DDC controls shall be terminated in the existing junction box.  We will cut, cap and remove unused air lines as needed to install new evaporative cooling unit, label the new unit with “EC-2” and provide a certified fall arrest anchorage point.  The anchorage point shall be labeled, and located near the near the cooling unit so personnel can easily maintain it.  We will also provide new duct smoke detectors and connect to fire alarm panel as reiqured by NFPA 90A.  We will test the new duct smoke detectors to verify that they report to the Fire Alarm Control Panel.

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