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Replace Electrical Transformer at Building 520420

Federal Construction Group is to provide a new pad mounted transformer power supply to replace the existing indoor dry pack transformer. We are demolishing and disposing the primary loadback switch and dry type transformer and replacing the dry type transformer with a pad mounted transformer located outside of the electric room.  Reinforcing the concrete pad sized for pad mount transformer and providing generator backup power for the duration of the outages required during the transition from the indoor dry type to the exterior pad mount.  We are excavating, backfilling and compating the trench for the primary and secondary electrical duct and encasing the underground duct in concrete.  Prividing primary cabling terminated at the power pole and in the pad mount transformer and providing a secondary duct from the secondary of the panel mount transformer to the building distribution section.  Provide properly size pull box (in the electrical room) with conduit, connectors, channel, straps, and hardware to extend the duct to the building secondary distribution section and also provide secondary cabling from the pad mount transformer to the secondary distribution section.  Proper grounding at the new pad mount transformer and reconfigure the ground in the building where the existing primary load break switch and dry pack transformer are being removed.  Providing concrete filled, painted, galvanized pipe bollards to protect the transformer from vehicular traffic.

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