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Replace FACP at Building 103 (Hangar)

Federal Construction Group, Inc. is to:

Demolition –

  1. a) Remove existing FACP and dispose-off site

Installation –

  1. a) Contractor shall install new addressable fire alarm panel with internal DACT
  • The ability to store at least 400 events in the history log. These events must be stored in a nonvolatile memory and remain in the memory until the memory is downloaded or cleared manually.
  • Resetting of the control panel must not clear the memory from being retrieved on the integral LCD display.
  • An integral LCD 80 character (minimum) alphanumeric display.
  • Provide all smoke detectors connected to the FACP with an adjustable alarm verification feature.

Initially set the alarm verification at 20 seconds.

  1. b) Contractor shall install new AFFF release panel. Release panel shall be monitored by FACP. Release panel will control the release of AFFF upon receiving notification via the FACP or notification device attach directly to the releasing panel.
  2. c) Contractor shall locate panel in fire pump room.
  3. d) Contractor shall provide rechargeable sealed acid type batteries for secondary power to operate the fire alarm system under supervisory conditions for 48 hours; audible and all alarm devices should work for an additional 15minutes on battery power.
  4. e) Contractor shall connect to existing DACT reporting system for reporting of signals from newly installed


  1. f) Contractor shall inspect AFFF and Fire Suppression piping and replaced as needed.

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