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Replace Fire Alarm System Building 44

FedCon/South Bay Joint Venture will be replacing the existing fire alarm system in building 44 at Marine Corp Logistics Base, Barstow, CA which is outdated and is providing inadequate monitoring and notification.  This project will demolish and remove in its entirety the existing fire alarm system and install a new fire alarm system in this building.  The new fire alrm system will provide all new required control panels, conduit, wiring, initiating devices, notification appliances, monitor modules and mass notification componenets where required.  Exisitng Harlow transmitters are to remain and can be reused, however batteries shall be replaced with new ones.  Replacing  the existing fire alarm system will provide the required fire protection level of safety to the personnel of this building.  This building has an existing fire alarm system only and will require a new combination fire alarm/mass notification system.  Building 44 has an existing stand alone mass notification transceiver, TRX-401.  Conduits shall be provided in these buildings from the fire alarm/mass notification system panel to the existing mass notification transceiver for interconnection of the two systems.  A separate junction box containing a termainal strip, with a minimum of four contacts, for the existing MNS transceiver connections shall be provided.  The connection from the junction box terminal strip to the transceiver will be provided by others.


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