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Replace Fire Alarm Systems Bldg. 01028, 01029, and 01032

Fed Con/South Bay Joint Venture is tasked to:

1. design/install 4 new systems and demolish/remove existing fire alarm systems.

2. To replace with an integrated fire alarm systems capable of notifying building occupants of a fire that may start inside buildings 01028, 01029, 01032 & 01033.

3. To install supervisory and alarm devices to the existing fire system risers in each of the facilities.

4. To demo out 1 existing fire alarm system in building 01033 (which includes 3 other buildings), devices, aerial cable and all related equipment. The existing Gamewell devices will be returned back to the Government.

5. Work involving the facilities fire suppression piping, sprinkler heads and nozzles is not in the scope of this project. If defects or deficiencies are uncovered in these areas the Engineering Technician shall be notified of this information.

6. All work must be done according to all applicable DOD, UFCs and NFPA codes.

Design and install 4 separate integrated fire alarm systems capable of notifying building occupants inside 01028, 01029, 01032 and 01033 facilities. Provide a complete, electrically supervised, addressable intelligent, manual and automatic, annunciated fire alarm and detection system throughout the facilities. These integrated systems shall be capable of notifying building occupants by means of tones and strobes. The fire reporting portion of the system shall be compatible with the existing base fire reporting system. The fire alarm system shall include manual stations, system smoke detectors, duct smoke detectors, heat detectors, audio/visual alarms, electrical supervision of all sprinkler system alarm and supervisory devices. The fire alarm control panel shall be capable of handling a minimum of 500 individually identified sensors within the main control panel.

Provide Class B, Style B Notification Appliance Circuits, Class B], Style B Signaling Line Circuits, and Class B, Style B Initiation Device Circuits. Manual pull stations shall be flush mounted or if surface mounted must be approved by the Engineering Technician. If required provide a remote annunciator in a location designated by the local fire inspector. Ceiling mounted smoke detectors shall be located 36” minimum distance from the blade tips of ceiling fans. Provide all materials and labor necessary for a conduit with a pull string from the telephone board to the fire alarm panel in each building. The phone lines will be provided by the government. Provide new fire alarm accounts for buildings 01028, 01020 and use the existing fire alarm accounts for buildings 01032 (Account # 4131) and 01033 (Account # 4132). Procedures for creating new fire alarm accounts at the Regional Dispatch Center can be found in Part 6 of this RFP. Conduits shall be concealed in walls, lay-in ceilings or under raised floors whenever possible. If conduit is surface mount it shall be approved by the Engineering Technician.  Surface mount conduits shall be installed to where it is least visible, installed as high as possible and shall be painted to match the existing surface (where applicable) with red bands to meet codes. Any existing ceiling tiles that were damaged or where a device was removed and not replaced the tile shall be replaced with a new matching tile.


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