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Replace HVAC System Bldg. 2296

Federal Construction Group, Inc. is to:

1. Demolish

a. One roof mounted heating & ventilating unit including electrical controls, ductwork, and steam piping.

i. Cap off ductwork at supply roof penetration to prevent leakage.

ii. Cap off steam piping at nearest joint to roof penetration.

iii. Utilize return ductwork chase penetration in hallway for new supply and return ductwork.

iv. Remove unused flexible ductwork above false ceiling but below hard ceiling in rooms 36 and 37.

b. One ceiling mounted mini split air conditioning unit including evaporator, condenser, ACR piping and electrical controls.

c. One ceiling mounted air diffuser in the hallway.

d. Two wall mounted thermostats in room 37.

2. Repair

a. T-bar ceiling at hallway diffuser and mini split unit locations.

b. Wall at thermostat removal locations.

3. Installation

a. One roof mounted heating, air conditioning & ventilating unit.

i. HVAC unit shall be sized to meet the area being served.

ii. HVAC unit shall be approved for coastal installations.

iii. HVAC coil shall be factory coated with corrosion resistant material.

b. Condensate piping

i. Condensate piping shall be copper

ii. Condensate shall drain to nearest roof drain scupper.

c. Ductwork

i. Galvanized sheet metal at roof locations.

ii. Light weight “duct board” style for main supply and return plenums above false ceiling.

iii. Flexible round style for supply branch sections above false ceiling.

d. Supply registers

i. Clean and re-use existing supply registers

e. Return register

i. Clean and re-use existing return register.

f. Variable volume, modulating supply duct damper in room 36

i. Damper motor shall be low voltage style and utilize power from new roof mounted HVAC unit.

ii. Damper shall be thermostatically controlled.

g. Thermostats

i. Thermostats shall be electronic, programmable style with a minimum of two setbacks.

h. Electrical supply equipment

i. Fused electrical disconnect approved for wet locations

ii. Liquid tight flexible conduit and fittings at roof locations

1. Replace all existing electrical conduit and fittings on roof

2. Utilize existing branch circuit wiring where properly sized and in good condition

3. Install new thermostat wiring

a. In conduit at roof locations.

b. Within walls in office areas (rather than surface mounted conduit.)

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