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Replace Outdated/Inoperative Fire Alarms

Federal Construction Group provided all design, labor, materials and supervision to replace transponders to radio transceivers in building 1171, 1177, 804, 1, 872, 874, 80, 81, 879, 881, 905, 931, 940, 94946, 112, 144, 148, 241, 599, and 720.  All work complied with SABER specifications and governing codes or industry standards.  We verified field conditions, dimensions, and material quantities prior to fact finding with contract planner.  This project required us to replace the existing telephone line transponders with Monaco fire reporting radio frequency equipment compatible with Travis AFB central reporting system.  Each work site required a 100% test of each reporting point, complete annotation of information on the legend inside each panel, and an Antenna/Coax Voltage Standing Wave Ratio measurement.  We replaced existing transponders with radio transceivers to include all associated conduit, wiring, cabling, antenna equipment and other materials for complete installation and proper operation of installed equipment.  We provided any and all programming necessary to complete the work on the field equipment and the central station.  We also performed asbestos and lead survey.

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