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Replace Sliding Doors Building 01395

Federal Construction Group, Inc. is tasked to The purpose of this project is to repair two existing sliding entrance doors at China Lake Inn, Building No. 01395. Work includes the replacement of the following door components: slide computers, motors/ gear boxes, belts, guide rollers, carriage track cap, nose pile, weathering pile, carrier insert, microwave motion sensors, infrared sensors, latches and thumb lockes. Work will also install a Knowing Act button to operate doors in accordance with handicap accessibility requirements.  One of the two doors will also need to meet the accessibility requirements of the ABA Accessibility Standards for Department of Defense Facilities. The ABA Standards references American National Standard for Power Operated Pedestrian Doors (ANSI/BHMA A156 10-1999) for the accessible door.  The Power Operated Pedestrian Door standard requires the installation of a presence sensor on both sides of the accessible door and a “Knowing Act” button to activate the doors.  The use of automatic swinging doors instead of automatic sliding doors for this project are acceptable only IF each door opening is protected by a railing on either side. The railing must match the finish of the new doors, be appropriate for installation in a hotel, and extend as far as the door swings out to 90 degrees from closed position. The “Knowing Act” button for handicap accessibility must also be mounted on the end post of the railing instead of the wall adjacent to the door; as depicted in the drawings. The customer would also like the see any fasteners used by the existing sliding doors to secure the door to the wall removed. The holes left by the removal of the existing fasteners must be filled with grout of the same color as the existing masonry mortar.


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