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Replace Sunshades Bldg. 01181S

Federal Construction Group, Inc. is tasked to provide design and construction three shade structures on Schoeffel Field. Two of the structures are located on the south side of the athletic field, and one is located on the north side of the field.

Existing Site Conditions:

3.1.1 Remnant metal posts from failed sun shades indicate location of each structure.

3.1.2 Movable bleacher stands are located on the site of each shade structure

3.1.3 Asphalt paving is located beneath the bleachers.

3.1.4 Metal posts are embedded in concrete foundations.

The design and construct shade structure shall be in accordance with UFC 3-301-01 “Structural Engineering” and UFC 3-110-03 “Roofing.”

Roof and post colors shall match Base Final Installation Appearance Plan.

Provide two (2) identical building number plates for each structure per the Base Final Installation Appearance Plan. Building numbers will be assigned at 100% design review.

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