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Elevator 7 & 8 Modernization

Federal Construction Group, Inc. is tasked with modernize elevators #7-8 with new: Non-proprietary microprocessor controllers; AC gearless machines with ascending brakes and deflector sheaves in the machine room; Hoist ropes; Compensation ropes; sheave bearings: VVVF AC regenerative drives; Closed loop door operators and related door equipment; Current Code and ADA compliant car and hall signal fixtures; Roller guides; Wiring.

A. Work in existing facilities shall correspond in all respects with the existing conditions to which it connects, or to similar existing conditions, in materials, workmanship and finish.
B. Alterations to Existing Conditions: Existing conditions shall be cut, drilled, removed, temporarily removed, or removed and replaced, as necessary for performance of Work under the Contract. Work out of alignment where exposed by removal of existing work shall be called to the attention of GSA. Necessary corrective work shall be as directed.
1. Replacements of existing conditions that are removed shall match similar existing conditions.
2. Unless otherwise indicated, existing structural members shall not be cut or altered without authorization by the Contracting Officer.
3. Conditions remaining in place, which are damaged or defaced during the Work, shall be restored to the condition existing at time of award of Contract.
4. Discolored or unfinished surfaces exposed by removal of existing conditions, that are indicated to be final exposed surfaces, shall be refinished or replaced as necessary to produce uniform and harmonious contiguous surfaces.
C. Existing structures will remain in place.
D. Existing utility services with related meters and equipment will remain in place.

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