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RM15-2815 Repair and Upgrade SNI 319

Federal Construction Group, Inc. is tasked to making general repairs to the office spaces, replacing the hangar bay doors, and making security updates to reclassify the facility as “Secure Secret”.

 Replace the large hangar bay door system with similar system. Design of the system will be required for acceptance by the Contracting Officer.
 Replace three single and one double fiberglass doors with stainless steel doors (grade 316 or higher) and frames (grade 316 or higher), a minimum 1 ¾” thick.
 Replace locking mechanism on the primary entrance door with a GSA-approved combination lock  meeting federal specification FF-L-2740A, including an automatic door closer.
 Install local enunciators on all perimeter emergency exit doors. The doors shall be secured with deadlocking panic hardware from the inside and have no exterior hardware.
 Replace the ¼ HP and ¾ HP furnaces with comparable models.
 Install aluminum deterrent bars at all building duct envelope penetrations.
 Replace burned out T12 fluorescent lightbulbs for the entire building.
 Replace burned out high pressure sodium light bulbs in the hangar bay.
 Paint office/restroom walls and restroom ceilings.
 Replace missing and damaged ceiling tiles.
 Repair damaged drywall.
 Replace all stair treads for both stair wells with tacked (not glued) treads.
 Replace damaged or missing floor tile.
 Clean and wax all floor tiling.
 Install LED emergency EXIT signs at all exit doors.
 Remove second floor drinking fountain copper water line and cap.
 Replace all cove base upstairs and damaged cove base downstairs.
 Paint hangar bay wall leading to office area.
 Install emergency lighting as required in office areas.
 Replace all second floor carpet.
 Install inspection ports on all building ductwork to allow visual inspection.
 Extend second floor office walls from true floor to true ceiling.
 Install an Intrusion Detection System for the entire facility. The system will be installed to meet and/or exceed UL2050, DCID, JAFAN and NISPOM requirements.
 Install acoustic protection and sound masking measure for the entire facility.
 Install personal access controls throughout the facility.

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