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Roybal Elevator Modernization Project 3

Federal Construction Group is tasked to examine the existing conditions, power supply, standby/emergency power supply, mainline disconnect, and include all work needed to ensure a fully code compliant modernization. Contractor or his sub-contractors shall perform this work, which may include but is not limited to the following:

1. Hoistways: Construction and modifications of hoistways, waterproof pits, machine rooms and controller areas, all properly framed, enclosed and adequately ventilated as shown.

Electrical work:
1. Power feeders: Modification to existing or installation and connection of three phase power through fused mainline switches or circuit breakers and extended to terminals of controllers. Provide continuous ground where needed.
2. Light circuits: Single-phase circuit through disconnects and extended to controller for car lights and fan.
3. Communication circuit: Telephone circuit terminated at junction box of each controller.
4. Illumination: Lights, light switches and GFIC convenience outlets in pits, machine rooms, controller areas and overhead sheave spaces.
5. Conduit: Installation of electrical conduit and pull boxes with pull wire between hoistways and remote locations of each indicator and control panel.
6. Temporary power: Electric power during construction for installation.
7. Common circuit: Dedicated pollution free single phase 20-ampere circuit through fused mainline switch or circuit breaker and extended to common group controller for each bank of two elevators or more.
8. Standby power: Automatic transfer of standby/emergency power and lighting supply through normal feeders with means of absorbing regenerative power. Two No. 14 wires from “Form C” contacts on transfer switch to designated controller to elevator machine rooms to signal transfer of power.
9. Sensing devices: Installation and or modification to smoke detectors, heat detectors or products of combustion sensors in elevator lobbies, machine rooms, hoistways and alternate fire recall floor with circuits terminated at junction box in machine rooms for emergency fire service operation.
10. Life safety circuits: Circuits terminated at junction box at each controller for life safety speakers and fireman’s phone communication. Note phone jacks are not permitted in corridor call button boxes.

1. Access: Legal access consisting of self-closing and locking access doors, ladders, gratings and steps to machine rooms, controller areas, pits and hoistways.
2. Supports: Providing supports as shown to carry structural reaction, impact and uplift loads imposed by elevator equipment.

3. Sill supports: Support full width of hoistway at edge of slab for attachment of sill support angles to be provided and installed by Contractor.

4. Grouting: Grouting behind entrance frames where concrete walls occur.

5. Patching: Patching of floors, walls and surfaces constituting final finishes.

6. Block-outs: Block-outs, pockets and chases in walls and floors for entrances, signals, fixtures, cables and conduit.

Elevator No. 3.

1. Repair hole in shaft wall at floor 8 to maintain fire rating.

Elevator No. 6.

Secure loose gypsum board in shaft at floor 7.

Elevator Nos. 19-20.

1. Add separate car lighting disconnects in the machine room.

Elevator No. 20.

Elevator No. 22-23.
1. Add railing around machine deck at side and rear.

Elevator No. 23:
1. Remove wall at floors “TS”, 1, & 3 to install new entrances, remove access doors at floor 1 & 3. Repair walls and match wall finishes.
2. Install locking device on main line power disconnect in machine room.

Elevator No. 24.
1. Provide lock on governor access door, must be 5-pin lock.
2. Complete the elevator shaft wall at the top of the shaft, to maintain fire rating.
3. Bevel horizontal projections over 2” in the hoistway.
4. Install sheet metal separation between pit and machine room.

Elevator No. 25-26.
1. Install sheet metal separation between pit and machine room.

Barricades: Full height lockable barricade for protection of open hoistways

Temporary screens: Contractor shall provide between elevators before construction starts and remove at completion of project.

Painting: Field painting or prime-finish items constituting final finishes.

Finish Floor: Installation of finish floor in passenger elevator cars. (1 & 2).

Life safety of public address speakers: Including wire from Machine Room to car, accommodations and installation in car canopy.Repair holes behind hoist machine in machine room, to maintain fire rating.

Card Readers: Including wire from Machine Room j-box to car top j-box, interfacing with elevator controls and installation in elevator car, connection in Machine Room and testing of system. Note card reader panel is not allowed inside the Machine Room.

Closed circuit T.V.: Including wire from Machine Room j-box to elevator car top j-box, connection in Machine Room and testing.

Key Cylinders: Furnished by Contracting Officer’s Technical Representative, installed under this section.



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