RPM Installation at 40th Street and 16th Street Exit Gates HomeRPM Installation at 40th Street and 16th Street Exit Gates

RPM Installation at 40th Street and 16th Street Exit Gates

Federal Construction Group installed four radiation portal monitor systems (RPMs) within the Galveston Terminal.  The RPMs and booths were erected at two different locations within the terminal with two RPMs and one booth at each location.  The technical work included installation and erection of heavy steel enclosures, metal fabrications, concrete foundations, electrical conduit, wiring and communication networks in accordance with design and RPM installation manuals.  All power connections (115VAC and greater) was terminated along with all low voltage/communication/fiber with the exception of  RPM control box, Radiation Sensor Panels and annuciator wiring.  All booths were unpacked, installed/mounted, and connect/terminate furnishings, hardward and electronics.  We furnished and installed all conduits, wires, boxes, switches, light fixtures (with lamps), receptacles, service devices, and panel boards that were required for a complete and operational electrical system.   Installed all starters, fused disconnects, breakers, fuses, contactors, switches, j-boxes, conduit, condulets and wires.  Installed all pull boxes, weatherproof enclosures, junction boxes, and vaults as necessary to facilitate installation and meet code.

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