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Sandquist Gate Enhancement Bldg. 02465

Fed Con-VC Joint Venture is tasked to design and construct repairs and upgrades to the Sandquist Gate located on Sandquist Road

(a) The project will include demolition of the existing guard building and the existing curbing at the Sandquist Gate.
(b) The Contractor to design and install new guard islands, assessable ramps, sidewalks, bike path, secondary vehicle Inspection area and include vehicle barriers, bollards, curbing and gutters to meet SDDCTEA pamphlet 55-15.
(c) The reconstruction shall also include all striping and signage to meet SDDCTEA pamphlet 55-15 including updated signs on the existing gates, and the installation of asphalt speed tables in the inbound and outbound lanes per SDDCTEA pamphlet 55-15.
(d) The project shall include the design and installation of a canopy over the inbound lanes at the guard island and booth location. The canopy shall be similar in size, elevation and appearance as the Main gate canopy on East Inyokern Road and Richmond Gate canopy on Richmond Road. The canopy shall have a minimum 22-gauge Navy blue raised seem hip roof; with appropriate lane numbering; red stop, green arrow and yellow caution lighting with the same sizing and appearance as the Main and Richmond Gates. The canopy column bases shall have stone accents around the base of each column.
(e) The Contractor shall provide and install a pre-fabricated bullet proof guard booth with a similar appearance and width as Richmond Gate Guard Booth. A concept has been provided in Part 6. Structure shall include interior and exterior lighting, exhaust fan, GFI outlets, and a heating/cooling system.  Provide infrastructure for a complete and functional Guard Booth. The infrastructure shall include domestic water service, electrical service, and underground. The Contractor shall coordinate with the End User and the Manufacturer to provide all aperture locations. Any infrastructure in traffic areas shall be concrete encased.
The new guard booth which shall be prewired, equipped with HVAC, drinking fountain and ballistic protection equivalent to UL 752 Level III. All utilities shall be delivered underground to the new guard booth per current uniform building codes.
The contractor shall also coordinate with the Government and the guard booth manufacturer for the installation of the Navy Commercial Access Control System (NCACS). The existing Sandquist Gate guard booth at NAWS China Lake has a dedicated PSNet 120V/15-amp single phase circuit, with dedicated breaker for PSNet, with a conduit extension from the breaker panel dedicated circuit to the PSNet duplex outlet within the PSNet cabinet.
The Contractor shall also coordinate with the Government for the removal and safe storage of the CAC Card Scanners fiber optic cabling until the construction has been completed. Coordination between the, Contractor, Government and the guard booth manufacturer is required for returning the fiber optic cabling
back into the new guard shack and restoration of the CAC Card Scanners, data, and telecom systems.
(f) The contractor shall relocate the existing solar light poles and electrical poles as required to remove from the new canopy footprint.
(g) The Contractor shall also save and reinstall any existing building signs.

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