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Security Alterations to Building 20303

Federal Construction Group is providing security alterations to building 20303.  The intent of this project is to create a sound attenuation rating (STC) of 55 or greater in the existing rooms 108 and 301 and to provide access control to room 301.  We are utilizing the existing walls and providing soundproof drywall to create the minimum of STC 55 rating and repairing and replacing ceiling grid and tiles as required to create the STC rating.  We are replacing all doors in rooms 108 and 301 with minimum STC 55 rated doors assemblies with doors 2 and 3 to recieve X09 with panic hardware.  We are creating a new vestibule in room 307 utilizing soundproof drywall and STC 55 rated doors and hardware.  All pipes, electrial and duct penetrations will be sealed to meet the required STC 55 rating.  The ceiling in room 307 will be repaired or replaced for the new vestibule, relocating fluorescent light fixtures and fire sprinklers and modifying existing ductwork, providing noise generating duct speakers.  We will remove existing door and infill existing opening in demising wall between 307 and 301, provide card readers at door and new panel and relocate existing cabinetry in room 301.

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